Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Classroom Management (Rules)

Having made mistakes as an instructor in the past, I recognize that establishing structure and management in the classroom is vital. Being too rigid does not work, and if the instructor is too ‘loose’ then they may not be taken seriously, or respect is lost from the students. Realizing this, I felt that researching classroom management strategies would only give me more tools for my instructor’s toolbox, and next time, I can rely on what I have learned and try something new. I truly believe that having ‘rules’ is important in all areas of human interaction and discussing those rules initially keeps everyone on the same page with no surprises.

Establishing expectations will help me with my instruction because I am often in a position of educating either my workforce peers or, students who are close to my age. Students can make presumptions about my experience and knowledge, and those assumptions can lead them to think that I can be manipulated. I certainly do not take the approach of strict instructor just to prove myself, but establishing expectations will set a tone from the start that I am relevant and that this isn’t my first time instructing.

The following link is geared towards instructors of younger children but can be helpful in any application, especially #4:


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