Motivation Techniques

Responsibility and Accountability

There are times that each of us get to a place where we feel unmotivated. This can affect our drive and even the things we care very much about can be pushed to the bottom of the proverbial list. Maintaining accountability for our endeavors and goals has to remain close to the top of the list at all times. Sometimes, finding new ways to approach things that have become mundane or monotonous is all it takes. I acknowledge that the high I get from new experiences can quickly wear off, and having ideas up my sleeve when I can tell that my students, or even just one student is veering off course will be helpful.

Being able to recognize when the students may need a change of focus, or a gentle reminder about their goals and what it means if they don’t achieve them will assist with managing a potentially negative situation before it becomes frustrating for myself as the instructor. Reinforcing the benefits of learning, encouraging self-reflection, accommodating and acknowledging individual interests and each student’s personal goals will help them focus and feel valued and recognized. This recognition will help establish and build a relationship with myself and their peers that will make them want to maintain their credibility and accountability.


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