PIDP 3260 Course Content

When I enrolled in Professional Practice and Ethics, I was a bit apprehensive. I wouldn’t have considered either of those things to be super stimulating topics, and expected the content, assignments and text to be dry.

I should have known better, as I’ve learned I can expect a lot from VCC and the PIDP program. I suppose, when you are instructing a group of adult learners on how to be an effective instructor, and create stimulating curriculum, the way they learn to do that should be stimulating and effective. Smack hand to forehead.

I am loving the course so far. My biggest surprise?

I like the group project. I like that the other two people I am paired with are actively in industry jobs just like me, and our discussions are happening during real time. The dilemma we chose was something very real and familiar to all of us. I enjoy being in this group and am happy we are doing a group project. It doesn’t always happen during online courses, but when it does, I find I get a lot out of it because I am so introverted; I work much better this way. I am perfectly capable of working in groups in the workplace, and in class if need be- I just feel I get more out of the online experience.

My favorite assignment?

So far it is the Professional Practice Blog. Even though I didn’t get all the content required for grading completed in week 1! I ended up coming to a remote mine site earlier than expected and there is very limited internet access here. I can’t research much, and the online connection can be shoddy to say the least. But, due to the industry I work in, and because I have instructed in remote communities where troubleshooting logistics is a daily event, I just don’t sweat it. I know I can be successful for the duration of the program and make it work. I have been working at various mine sites and remote communities during each of the PIDP courses I have taken, except Student Engagement Techniques. That one I had the pleasure of attending at VCC campus with Bob Aiken.

The Professional Practice Blog is a great way to infuse some personality into assignments during an online course. I really like the fact that I can upload all of my work onto the blog, and have a living document of my educational experience to reference later.

I took a course through NAIT on Emergency Management, and have had to reference my material a lot in the workplace ever since. Sifting through assignments and resource material takes a long time to find what I need, if I ever do! If I had thought back then to organize it online somewhere, the access would be so much easier. What I have created in PIDP, as well as the work I did through NAIT, is valuable resource material for myself and others. Why not have it as easily available as any other resource material I hoard away on numerous computer drives for easy access? I am smart, I can write a good paper, I can do thorough research!

So, I realize in typing this, that that was a lesson learned right there; that no matter what course I take in the future, I will create an online ‘database’ for my material with the intention of quick reference and sharing purposes. Unless I’m developing prototypes for a car that could make a Tesla look like a 1995 Astro Mini Van. Maybe then I will keep it to myself.



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